Tuesday, August 16, 2011

why celebrity don't preserved their virginity

why celebrity don't preserved their virginity. is (virginity) that matters?

Were you ever curious about what age your favorite celebrity lost their v-card? Many stars are candid when talking about their first time and, luckily for us, Celebuzz has rounded up all the bad, sweet and weird virginity-losing stories from Hollywood's hottest names.

From frisky youngsters to late bloomers, we have the definitive list on celebrity virginity.

Salute to Susan Boyle.
British singing sensation Susan Boyle is the oldest spinster in music world. The singer is 48 and she’s never had sex in her life. I don’t really think she’s very proud of and really happy about it, but such is life and she’s still waiting for her Prince Charming.

oh ho just kidding. don't do this please

women out there, can you preserved your virginity? give your v-card only to your husband.